Tumbbad movie review: A horror flick that stirs human psychology through strong mythology and thriller moments.

Tumbbad movie review: A horror flick that stirs human psychology through strong mythology and thriller moments.

Plot Synopsis

The two divine entities named "Goddess of Prosperity" and "Haster" have been presented as mother of nature and Haster as the symbol of greediness. Haster was disregarded by other gods due to his unruly actions and was subject to never being preached or written within the holy testament. Despite the fact of never being worshipped, the humans built a temple for Haster who has the power to curse and grant gold coins. This leads to the passing of curses and gold by the family for many generations with no hope of salvation from it.

1) The storytelling

The movie is a pendulum for transporting the viewers into the space, where you are listening to your Grandmom's way of describing a vast topic with a series of mystery and metaphorical aspects. It holds the beauty of creating a fear of emotions than the fear of timing which we can see from the current horror movie setups. One of the best parts of such content is that it can generate a space of information that is endless like the thoughts of the human mind and can create a whole series out of it. The film is 1hr 44min long with a depiction of time and nature from the late 1920s showcasing the time of before and after British rule and with a clear emphasis on the power of wealth and the desire to acquire more.

2) Visuals

The visual category of the movie is very captivating and admiring if you look through many elements that it tries to showcase. From the busiest city of many colorful elements of prosperity to the land of nothingness that encapsulates many layers of added detailing like never-ending rainfalls, the cloudy sky with no single ray of light followed by the gloominess in the atmosphere is something that can root this film to the higher extent.

3) Performance

The actors performed in this film are truly under-rated to be unknown for many viewers yet are daunting and vivid to maintain a lasting impression within the minds. The power of showcasing the outburst of many emotions by each character helps the film to grow into a dynamic phase that cannot be easily grasped by using any random or known celebrities.


It's a film that doesn't require any jump-scare experience like any other horror film, but it tries to debug your scale of understanding the meaning and content of the film.

Do let me know in the comments what you think about this movie. Till then peace, love, and prosperity to all.