Top 7 deadliest characters from 'The Seven Deadly Sins'

Top 7 deadliest characters from 'The Seven Deadly Sins'
The Seven Deadly Sins anime.

Plot Synopsis

The age-old conflict between the demon and goddesses takes a turn where The Seven Deadly Sins becomes the ultimate weapon to stop the inevitable war, which would determine the existence of all beings.

7/ 7


Mael (The Seven Deadly Sins)

A formidable member of Archangel who can use the full extent of 'Ark Sunshine' and can also rival Ludociel (Leader of Archangel). The impact that altered the minds of leaders just because of the fogged memory of Mael losing his life in the war which lead to an end of the crisis clearly identifies his presence to be valued in the top 7. To carry out the seal of 'Coffin of Eternal Darkness' Mael's presence was to be ceased and a new identity was created "Estarossa" second son of the demon king who received the Commandment of Meliodas creating a balance of lost power with in the realm.

6/ 7


Gowther (The Seven Deadly Sins)

One of the primary members of the Demon Clan later extended his version of support by being one of the members of The Seven Deadly Sins. The Commandment of Selflessness placed by the demon king made him look toward the brighter side of war and status, where his powers were considered to be a threat to the demon realm, and was held as a prisoner for 500 years. His power had the volume to alter even the memories of the creators and the whole existence of the celestial being by creating a fake imaginary altercation that eventually brought a temporary end to the Holy war. A formidable power that needs to be placed within the first 3 slots of this list but judging from the overall dynamic it still manages to grab the top 6 tier.

5/ 7

Supreme Deity

Supreme Deity (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Creator of the Celestial Realm, known to be the divine entity who gave Graces to the Four Archangels, she is also the mother of Elizabeth whose power could rival the top Archangels. It is very less known about the extent of her powers but to be the creator of the Goddess Clan and the holder of dark curses, it's highly unlikely to exclude her presence from this list. As the Archangels are the extent of her ideals it pretty much sums up the idea that she despises the Demon King and that the war between them was just a game for them to address who stands to be the superior among the class.

4/ 7

Demon King

Demon King (The Seven Deadly Sins)

The one who governs the Demon clan also known as 'The Ruler', father of Melioda and Zeldris, is known to grant the respective Commandments to the Ten Commandments. A ruler who manipulates the statements for his own good and claimed to be more demonic than his sons went into a battle where his whole existence was erased only because of his high self-esteem. Despite the ruthlessness, he still was a ruler who was merciful enough to forgive his son's betrayal as the leader of the Ten Commandments and grant him the throne to be the new demon king.

3/ 7


Escanor (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Escanor - The Ultimate One, a character who stood as my favorite from start to finish embodied one of the powerful elements called 'Sunshine' which made him known as 'The Strongest Holy Knight' throughout the Kingdom of Lioness. The series left a promising mark with the "Final moments of Escanor" and his feelings towards his comrades and Merlin. The scene had to be perfect and memorable to all the viewers where, his final moment was glorious enough to leave a scar on our hearts that would never fade with time.

2/ 7


Meliodas (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Meliodas firstborn of the Demon king and was eventually proclaimed to be the leader of the Ten Commandments followed by the Seven Deadly sins. His powers have evolved to a huge extent where now he can solely destroy the curses placed by the Supreme Deity and the Demon King. A power that creates an imbalance within the celestial body which would eventually bring destruction within the cosmos needs to be placed within the top two tiers.

1/ 7

King Arthur

King Arthur (The Seven Deadly Sins)

King Arthur is also known as the King of Chaos. Chaos is the existence of the creation of the whole world, with power so immense to classify the beings of the universe as mere thought work. Its existence has given life to the Demon King, Supreme Deity, and the Sacred tree where the wizards named her "The Mother of Chaos". The reason why Arthur was chosen by the Chaos is that he is a human who can figure out good vs. evil and light vs. dark where destiny played a more important role right when he was chosen by the Holy sword.

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