Tokyo Revengers movie: A beautiful big-screen representation of one of the best anime's of all time.

Tokyo Revengers movie: A beautiful big-screen representation of one of the best anime's of all time.

Plot Synopsis

"Takemichi Hanagaki" is a single adult who is doing a part-time job to carry forward his ongoing miserable life where he is been treated poorly by the manager based on his exceptional youth life. Then, one day, he discovers that his girlfriend "Hinata" whom he used to date, and her younger brother "Naoto" have been murdered by the most vicious gang "Tokyo Manji" followed by an incident where his own life comes to an end, but instead of dying he's been transported 10 years into the past where he meets Naoto and warns about the future incident, which creates a new timeline where Naoto strives in becoming a detective and saves himself from the accident but his sister's life is still lost in the process. Takemichi after learning about the shift in the timeline and his lack of effort in saving Hinata's life makes him joins hands with Naoto in returning to the past and striking the roots of the Tokyo Manji gang to protect Hinata's life once and for all (Anime VS Movie).

1) Cast Appearance

The actors enacted in this film have been cast in a way that has shown some brilliant similarities with the actual anime characters followed by their dress sense, grooming aspects, character development, and much more. The movie can be truly stated to be fan-oriented and also to attract a wider audience who haven't watched the original series which is much broader and deeper to its narrative. Personally, there were some places where the actors had gone overboard with their acting skills where the sense of fear and happiness was not up to the mark during the initial stages of the movie but it was worth it after seeing how the movie progressed to its later stage.

2) Fight scenes

A scene that I felt was quite dominating in this movie was the whole fight scene right from the beginning to the end. The makers and the cast have given their utmost brilliance in showcasing some raw actual fight scenes which, to be honest, is something that I wasn't expecting but it did manage to bring back the same emotional essence straight from the series.

3) Story-line

The plot of this movie is exactly similar to what the actual series talks about with some minor changes which could partially be considered as a positive and negative aspect of the film. The movie could be highly predictable to the ones who have already watched the series with the same dialogue delivery which was a bit disappointing but also understanding the fact that the creator has managed to deliver the true soul of the series.


Overall, it is a movie for anime and non-anime lovers with a higher percentage of the viewers who are new to this anime. A perfect movie for understanding how an anime storyline stands eccentric and vivid with a mind-blowing experience compared to some overrated Movies and TV series.

Do let me know in the comments what you think about this movie. Till then peace, love, and prosperity to all.