The Batman movie review: A classic route for building up the investigative chaos that contradicts its time-scale.

The Batman movie review: A classic route for building up the investigative chaos that contradicts its time-scale.

Plot Synopsis

A merciless killer who tries to cleanse Gotham city by murdering many prominent individuals involved in corruption leads Batman to investigate the situation where he comes across his family's history and their involvement with the situation, which makes him start questioning his righteousness during the process.

1) Direction

The movie has been extensively focused on bringing back the old classic vibe of Batman and its detective formula straight from the comics. The direction done by Matt Reeves cannot be left unseen with his dynamic range of building the purpose and hope rather than glorifying the hero from a commercial standpoint is something that makes this movie special. The movie holds an exception stellar with its performance, the dirty and the dark side of Gotham city, brilliant chase scenes, chemistry, fight, and not the least Colin Farrell's makeover something that needs to be experienced.

2) Visual

The visual category of this film is a collection of performance, content, emotion, character development, VFX, color grading, BGM, and much more. A small and detailed emphasis has been portrayed, where each category glorifies in its particular region. Ranging with the overall scale of categories, it had some downsides at some regions, including the villain's voice scale and predictable content. But still, this movie manages to create a higher impact, because it tries to shed the core layer in building up the character to which the audience can resonate and build a mutual understanding with its overall layout.

3) Time Duration

The movie stands out to be almost 3 hours long with its build-up which for some reason has got a mixed reaction from the audience. But from my understanding, this movie was a pictorial in building up the space of the trilogy of what's about to come shortly. To be precise, this movie is not the origin of Batman for any reason but it's a process of finding the reason to build the missing relationship between Batman and the City of Gotham. To build such a space and connection, the plot does need to be given its own importance rather than concluding it in a set time frame.

4) Action

The action sequence of Batman and Catwoman is truly skillful and sleek in its output where nothing can be over or understated. I felt that the fight scene of Catwoman was the cherry on the cake a true depiction of an elegant showcase played by Zoe Kravitz. Moreover, Robert Pattinson with his overall performance as Batman gives a definition of something that was left to be unexplored throughout his career.

Overall, the movie is brilliant with its making and performance that can bring both DC and Marvel fans to experience its glory.

Do let me know in the comments what you think about this movie. Till then peace, love, and prosperity to all.