Swan Song movie review: A snippet of time and tech which layers an individuals decision in a traumatic manner.

Swan Song movie review: A snippet of time and tech which layers an individuals decision in a traumatic manner.

Plot Synopsis

A progressive tech innovation that helps in reliving the life of a human where death is only a temporary factor to give rise to his evolved version.

1) Content

The film channels to understand the fragments of love and relationship, where time and tech play a significant role in building up the content. It builds up a simplified format that delivers a scary side of the evolution where such tech could be built to incorporate more time into a human's time zone. A system where time is just a number to develop evolved humans that can continue to exist even after the primary applicant has passed on with their lives.

2) Performance

A film that went unnoticed among the viewers but managed to build a series of emotions that creates a balanced frame on its content and performance simultaneously. A built-up of a plot where some unsaid goodbye and tech are contradicted by time and emotion which is scary and daunting at the same time. The film draws out a dreamy outlook on tech and builds an emotional space where the viewers can correlate to its actions surrounded by the simplistic performance that the actor delivers.

3) Cast

The film holds a centre figure to direct the whole plot.  Here, Actor Mahershala Ali delivers a journey in understanding his life, which layers family ties, miscommunication, health issues, and his adaptation to the technology. The film holds a few cast members to incorporate the whole screenplay which is pretty brilliant to showcase the importance of content and let the viewers understand the message. The whole film has a sense of easiness with the direction which somewhat hits you with the process and slowly involves you to be a part of the journey that dissects the weakness into better reasonableness.

4) Observation

Swan Song is a film with fictional- drama content that is short, precise, and understandable. It touches on the issues of grief, morality, fear of dying, and performance that charts up the content worth your watch and lets you judge the decision layered throughout the process.

Do let me know in the comments what you think about this movie. Till then peace, love, and prosperity to all.