Puzhu movie review: A slow burner of a paranoid worm that simultaneously creeps with mystery and flaws.

Puzhu movie review: A slow burner of a paranoid worm that simultaneously creeps with mystery and flaws.

Plot Synopsis

A psychological father who dominates his son with his ideologies and preference, later build up a space of disturbing incidents that expands its scale.

1) Title and content

The film Puzhu defines a worm that keeps creeping into the lives of many people and inflicts those surrounded by it. The whole plot revolves around understanding a series of sub-plot where the content keeps evolving to a point where it loses its scale and draws in a different direction. The film is eye-opening to many issues from gender, color, caste, and politics followed by an oppressive relationship between the father and son. A film that shapes in understanding that a person with a closed mental space of custom, beliefs, and racial segregation comes right from the society where he dwells and inhabits. It defines a tone of how the families give importance to their social status irrespective of what the members feel about it.

2) Performance

The performance of the actors flows in a very defining format where the shades of each role classify the further progressing content. The main lead actor Mammootty who has worked for over five decades comes on screen with a shady outlook and still aspires to experiment with his character is something that's refreshing. Followed by the actual star Appunni Sasi, who has done many small characters throughout his film career, gets an opportunity to express his artistry and leaves no stone unturned proves to be an exquisite performer.

3) BGM

The overall sound design of the film sends a module of alarming content which really enhances the screenplay with a flow of bumpiness. It tries to convey its own message of doubtfulness and a need to resolve with the passing of the motion characters which is kind of building a bridge for the need to hold the audience's attention.

4) Climax

The movie flows very brilliantly into a psycho-thriller but it doesn't meet the regulation of maintaining the addressed balance between the characters and goes overboard with an irregular space of design. This somewhere leaves many doubts and questions in the minds of the audience after finishing the whole film. Overall, it is a brilliant film that understands that there are people in our society who are educated and moral but still hold onto their ego and dominance which ultimately drags the near ones into a walking nightmare.

Do let me know in the comments what you think about this movie. Till then peace, love, and prosperity to all.