Pushpa - The Rise (Part- 01) movie review: A mediocre film dominating on its commercial and star value essence.

Pushpa - The Rise (Part- 01) movie review: A mediocre film dominating on its commercial and star value essence.

Plot Synopsis

The story narrates the upcoming of a Red Sandler trafficking syndicate, showing his rise from being a laborer to the mastermind of the whole operation where power and control have been given their importance and glory to reach greater heights.

Good Aspects

1) The visual presentation

While talking about the visual treat it includes all aspects from dance to its choreography, running and chasing shots followed by the overall hill and forest shots which depicted a beautiful natural element in the movie.

2) Fight scenes

The fight scenes from the movie have managed to put forth the best quality content enhancing every single detail promising you the same excitement that the trailer had managed to offer. Furthermore, proper credit must be given for its making and delivery aspect which not only can get hold of an audience but also convey the overall meaning towards the term flower to fire.

Bad Aspects

1) Overall Story-telling

The movie holds almost 3 hours long watch time, where a significant amount has been spent in describing the character's growth, his past, and his relationship. The content of the story was not dominating in any manner, where you would be able to see the same cliche process with some irrelevant romance scenes only built to extend the overall time frame.

2) Emotional Impact

The movie truly has many emotional contents which have been inputted to enhance the outlook of the character, but the process of conveying those elements to the audience has been a total failure. I somewhere felt that the movie was more or less trying to get the same emotional content similar to the blockbuster movie KGF, which to be honest has to be one of its drawbacks.

3) Character Development

The characters developed in the movie during the first half don't even make sense when it comes to the second half. To elaborate, the movie tried to highlight a police officer with high morale and leadership quality during the first half who vanished from the script with no sense of relevant information in the other half. Furthermore, the child representation of Allu Arjun's character who initially had straight shoulder's but transformed into a slant look due to the emotional sentiments which I still cannot get the reason behind its decision followed by the child actor trying to look masculine and dominating with one leg on top of other was kind of funny, to be honest.

4) Female Representation

The female lead performer Rashmika Mandanna performed in this movie has been given a role where the exposure of navel and legs were considered to be the highlight throughout the context. I felt like her role didn't have any meaning except the dance and exposure phase which is kind of disheartening when you are casting a high-caliber performer into the film.

5) Graphical side

The graphical side of the movie is something that needs to be paid attention to with the scene where the logs floating in the water, actor jumping from one log to another in mid-air didn't even provide a sense of realistic expectation.


Overall, the movie is an average film where the story gets interesting during the final period with the introduction on Fahad's character which is focused mainly on its upcoming part.

Do let me know in the comments what you think about this movie. Till then peace, love, and prosperity to all.