Pada movie review: A 90s social revolt that gained the mass media attention but failed to deliver its ultimate purpose.

Pada movie review: A 90s social revolt that gained the mass media attention but failed to deliver its ultimate purpose.

Plot Synopsis

A factual retelling of an incident in the late 90s which is directed toward the government officials. The issues in which the Indigenous people were restricted with their right to life and land, had been compromised for some official capitalist agendas. This brought up a revolution, carried on by a few activists who brought the whole media and nation to a stand-point.

1) Direction

The movie portrays a wonderful direction by the filmmaker "Kamal K.M" who has brought forward a topic that was forgotten by many people of the state and needs to be addressed even today for the betterment of the Indigenous people. The movie clearly depicts the formulation of revolt, where a few activists tried to take measures into their own hands with a focus on bringing the whole authorities to a point-blank. The movie followed a sense of fear, anger, revolt, innocence, and setbacks with a slow and steady rhythm that tries to address the overall issue. The film delivers absolute justice in addressing a historic event in a very sensible and profound manner instead of making it look fashionable and viewer appealing which I feel many filmmakers need to understand the difference.

2) Cast and Performance

The cast put forth in this film has showcased a banger performance where each individual had their own highlighted moments. Looking from the overall perspective, the film tries to subdue the growth through BGM, powerful dialogue delivery, cinematography, and performance. To create such a sensible and relevant issue with such an amazing star cast needs the highest amount of recognition that can reach a wider audience. The movie absolutely left me speechless in its final credit scenes, which showed the realistic side of the Indigenous people making you feel shameful with the atrocious acts toward their rights and freedom.

3) Storyline

A storyline with the highest importance to this date makes it the most educative and inspiring content with the question of solving the ongoing crisis. Such movies are the ones that need to be understood and be sensational within the country instead of some irrelevant topics talked about by the masses. A perfect movie to be recommended to your friends and family and understanding how a historic film needs to be formatted, where the utmost respect needs to be given towards the whole crew and technicians who have worked for this film.

Do let me know in the comments what you think about this movie. Till then peace, love, and prosperity to all.