Mudhal Nee Mudivum Nee movie review: An adorable trip that takes back to your childhood where choices and decisions define your future.

Mudhal Nee Mudivum Nee movie review: An adorable trip that takes back to your childhood where choices and decisions define your future.

Plot synopsis

A pleasing story of a group of students from the "90s" whose life has been portrayed where they go through love, fights, breakups, ragging, friendship, sharing tiffin boxes, Walkman headphones, exam copy chits, music, cassettes, football, and much more. Further classifying the reunion after many years, a figure of cupid analogy has been presented in classifying the future they were meant to hold if made the right choice.

The Good Aspects

1)  The Story Narration

The movie flows in a very blissful manner showcasing the high school moments with very casual topics highlighting the beauty of love with a sense of innocence capturing the everlasting longing for one another. The movie flows in a very engaging manner, where many viewers can resonate with the characters and the emotions that the director "Darbuka Siva" actually wanted to convey from the film. The movie slightly loses its flow within the second half in showcasing the character's future but it doesn't get lost in its overall narration and keeps the audience engaged with its sub-elements.

2) Music and Background Score

One of the most soothing content that the movie tries to offer is its overall sound engineering. A perfect balance in conveying certain emotions and knowing the fact that the music flows with the story and not vice versa is something that needs its appreciation. The theme song from the movie is something that got me hooked up even after finishing the movie which I am pretty sure everyone might have the same opinion.

3) Performance and Character Development

The movie focuses on developing the same character to its evolved version where the changes are intense with characters holding an adult representation from being the amateur classification during the high school period. Each character has performed brilliantly straight from looks, costume, sound variation every slight detail has been truly enhanced to make it more convincing and resonating to the audience.

The Bad Aspects

1) The Cupid Illusion

The storytelling follows the upbringing of character development and nostalgic moments but failed to convey the true essence of the cupid illusion in an overall manner. It only managed to give a brief knowledge of the overall subject with the importance of life changes when you make the right decision and acknowledge one's own self. I felt that the story could have been a bit more enhanced with the topic but still, it managed to give a satisfactory ending.


Overall, the movie is a welcoming memory transition to your high school period and reminiscing those past moments with a sense of bringing the smile and emotion that you hold close to yourself and resonate with some of the moments within the frame.

Do let me know in the comments what you think about this movie. Till then peace, love, and prosperity to all.