Muddy movie review: A high potential film with major drawbacks.

Muddy movie review: A high potential film with major drawbacks.

Short overview

The story talks about two brothers from different mothers who are separated due to family conflict passed on by their ancestors living with the same hate throughout their childhood who eventually join hands when a sport like mud race brings some external rivalry into their lives.


1. The Content

The movie "Muddy" has been promoted as India's first mud race-focused movie with a power-packed adrenaline rush performance highlighting the skills, beliefs, and passion towards the sport. Utmost respect must be put forth towards the director himself "Pragabhal" who made sure to put an effort into bringing such content to the audience. You can experience the thrill and passion of the sport during the race scene followed by some beautiful cinematic shots from the hills to the pitch done by the cinematographer "KG Ratheesh". It also highlights a female enthusiast at the helm which can inspire many viewers.


1. The Cast

To begin with the exact drawback of the film, many actors did their part well my most favorite would be 'Renji Panicker' whose entry got me hyped with that raw beard look made me remind of the film "Godha" and also the scene with actor 'Hareesh Peradi" where the mass dialogue and the exit put forth took me back to the movie "Premam" of its famous college mass scene. However, the main leads cast in this movie are the major drawbacks I felt like their looks were prioritized more than the dialogue delivery, action scenes, expressions, and much more. Moreover, the villain in this film was a total disappointment with antic dialogues such as "Pavam-Pavam-Pavam" and also a scene where he pours oil on himself just to control his anger was something which I was not looking forward to.

2. The storyline

The overall storyline should have been highly taken into consideration when you are presenting it as "India's first mud race movie". The lag that the movie had was immense to the extent that you would think that each section was forcefully joined together to connect the dots but stood baseless at the very end. Moreover, the movie was supposed to be a thriller genre but it was so predictable enough that no additional effort was seen in its storyline till the end.

3. Glamorizing the hero excessively

If we segregate the movie into each section the focus on the hero is excessive enough to make you wonder was this movie is focused on the mud race sport or the glamorization of how the hero is supposed to act.

To conclude,

I feel like this movie is for those who are mainly interested in mud racing and would not prioritize the above-mentioned drawbacks then, the theatrical experience would be the right choice.

Do let me know in the comments what you think about this movie. Till then peace, love, and prosperity to all.