Mother! is a classic controversial Biblical theme that transits to a higher notion.

Mother! is a classic controversial Biblical theme that transits to a higher notion.
Mother! (2017) film

A film that is incredibly visionary with its scale and direction, overridden by cleverness that encapsulates the idea of building a psychological horror, needs to be looked up to. It places characters on the brink of overlooking the idea of the thesis and manages to create a convincing outline. The logic behind the outline is to classify a generic relation between mother nature and the creator himself. Both have different ideologies and differences in which the mother is madly in love with the creator, who has brought her to life whereas, the house represents her heart which needs her nurture to thrive in a perfect balance. However, the creator has been seen in a state where he longs for something exciting that can create ideas and inventions.

The film follows an uninvited entry of a man and woman into their lives, which classifies from the scriptural understanding that they represent the first mankind named Adam, and the woman could be Eve, considered the first woman created out of the rib given by the man. The film keeps unfolding when their kids come into the play which could be referred to as Cain and Abel, where the first murder in history takes place and Cain gets banished from the house. Mother's heart aches with pain, seeing her creator be friendly with the guests whom he has no idea of what's about to unroll. She tries to understand why the creator is so affectionate with the guests and bears his wishes which makes her frustrated to the point where they get intimate. This unravels the news of pregnancy, which inspires the creator with his writings and lets the whole world preach his word making him an overnight sensation. Mother is filled with joy at his creator's success, and she prepares a feast for both of them, but it turns out to be total mayhem when his random followers start showing up at the door. It gets so intense to the point where they start rioting inside the house and tearing pieces which signify as a way of letting others know that they were there. The creator himself shares his glory and wisdom with the people that they start undertaking satanic rituals, shooting, and adultery leading them to feel superior among others and a feeling that everyone's interpretation of the book is right to their knowledge. It stimulates the understanding of the current overview of mankind, which leaves a trail of war and destruction that is completely destroying the house and the mother herself.

During all this chaos, mother nature was not allowed to leave the house as her heart resides within and could lead to total destruction which made her give birth in a safe room bringing a new life to the world. She was afraid of what the creator and the people want from her child, and as she wakens to her worst fears the creator wanted to give his followers a glimpse of his new creation. The follower passes down the baby over each other to a point where we can hear a sudden neck snap. As the mother rushes over to the scene, she sees her baby's corpse lying on the table and everyone around her consuming the baby. This scene was a literal representation of communion, where the people consume gods blood and flesh instead of wine and bread. The mother gets so furious and in agony, that she starts killing everyone around her until she was overpowered by the crowds beaten and kicked in her own house. This leads her to rush down to the basement and light a fire next to the oil tank igniting the whole house into flames and ashes. The creator, however, is completely unharmed by the fire and carries the mother who is almost on the verge of death urging her to give him one more thing. To which she replied, she has given him everything and there is nothing that she possesses. But he wanted her heart, asking her whether she still had any love for him in there. This heart signifies the seed that brings forth the lost prosperity and rejuvenates the actions done by mankind to begin a fresh start, which also gives birth to a new mother to restart the cycle once more.

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