Minnal Murali movie review: A delightful Christmas gift for the viewers entertainment.

Minnal Murali movie review: A delightful Christmas gift for the viewers entertainment.

Short Overview

A countryside boy with a charming personality living life with a dream to travel abroad and build a better life for himself followed by an incident where he is struck by lightning which rewrites his destiny. This leads the story to talk about his mysterious power with an action-packed performance carrying a perfect balance of every single element to make a superhero journey stand out in its best format.

Analysis of the film

1. Technical Aspect

Director "Basil Joseph" has done an amazing job with his craft in bringing forward one of the highly anticipated movies of 2021 with the content of a superhero origin story establishing a perfect franchise that needs to be looked forward to in the near future. The cinematographer "Sameer Thahir" should be highly appreciated for capturing every single emotional element, especially the climax fight scenes. The background score done by "Sushin Shyam" and Shaan Rahman handling the songs had their charisma and storytelling. Finally, the real trump card of this movie is its VFX done by "Mindstein Studios" a sheer brilliance that was so good than what I had expected even though some places did have some slight flaws it won't even be an issue when you consider the whole format.

2. Storytelling

The movie begins in a slow-paced manner where the main motto is to build a character to its righteous position. A perfect module describing the past and present of the character with an additional essence of comedy, thriller, action, mystery, relationships, motivation, and much more which played out well in the end. It's also a movie where the hero and villain have been analyzed parallelly based on their powers with a focus on connecting the emotional part of both the characters. However, some cliche moments can also be witnessed by the viewers which for some reason is essential for building an origin story of a superhero character.

3. Performance

The movie delivers a spectacular performance from every small to lead artist which makes this movie a must-watch. The contribution from the villagers to the child artist leading to female characters and police officers has been properly enhanced to showcase a raw essence to the film which is something worth noting. Towards the end, the villain has managed to steal the show with his gold class performance which I feel would probably be every viewer's favorite.


I would say this is a movie worthy enough to represent a superhero origin content from India considering its technical and writing aspect. Being its release during the time of Christmas, I would suggest you guys watch it with your loved ones as perfect family entertainment.

Do let me know in the comments what you think about this movie. Till then wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.