Jan.E.Man movie review: A pure blend of comedy, emotion, drama and surprise.

Jan.E.Man movie review: A pure blend of comedy, emotion, drama and surprise.


"Jan.E.Man" begins by focusing on a character named "Joymon" an outgoing person who makes his living by working abroad away from his friends and family which makes him feel isolated and depressed to a point where relying on anti-depressant pills and talking to the voice assistant helps him commence with his day to day activities. The story takes a quick turn when a character who attains sympathy at the beginning suddenly transforms into an attention seeker leading to its self-assessment and conscience by planning a surprise birthday party with his old friends which eventually leads to unfolding other characters' emotions and a joyful ride worth experiencing.

Highlights of the movie

1) Storytelling

Director "Chidambaram" and the writers "Ganapathi and Sapnesh Varachal" did an amazing job with the dark quirky comedy tied with real emotions making it the best theatrical experience which the audience needed during this whole pandemic phase.

2) Cast

The whole movie's credibility can only be given to the amazing star cast put forth. It should be noted that no particular character has been given the lead role. Everyone has their own set of emotions and stories to deliver, which makes this movie my personal favorite.

3) Viewers reaction

A highlight that I felt needs to be addressed is that "Jan.E.Man" is a film that received major applause straight from 'no age bracket group', making it one of the best family entertainment movies. Such reactions can only be stated as the golden victory to the makers of this film.

4) Brilliant performance

A story that focuses on a lot of sentiments, laughter, relationships, mental health, loneliness, death and much more can only be highlighted by the amazing performance by the cast. My personal favorite which stood out was the 'Balu Varghese' character who is known mainly for his on-point comic roles delivers a daunting experience never seen before followed by 'Lal' and 'Basil Joseph'.

5) The term Jan.E.Man

Every movie holds a title that signifies its overall aspect in making the viewers resonate it with the outline, here also the term Jan.E.Man can be understood by how the story unfolds into many layers which manage to create a sense of beauty and cuteness in the film something worth remembering. Personally, I really loved the movie and would definitely recommend you guys to watch it in theaters.

Do let me know in the comments what you think about this movie. Till then peace, love, and prosperity to all.