Jana Gana Mana movie review: A political rat race that resembles the current society where people are fooled through pure emotion.

Jana Gana Mana movie review: A political rat race that resembles the current society where people are fooled through pure emotion.

Plot Synopsis

A movie that excels in pointing out many factual incidents that happened in different parts of the country and tries to subdue the understanding of how the media and power control people's emotions with little to no knowledge of what's been happening around them.

1) Storytelling

The film holds a steady buildup with its content that aspires to acknowledge many political to media probe news with a thriller mode to entertain as well as educate the relevant issues. A module that follows a detective trial during the first half alters its direction to something powerful even the judiciary system has been silenced with its narration something that's worth witnessing. Finally, a debatable outline that understands the value of power and how easily the context of the society can be manipulated using a random emotional value.

2) Performance

The performance of every single actor has been grand where the lead Prithviraj and Suraj gain the spotlight throughout the screenplay. Their dominance in the film stood at par when both had the glory to be the villain and hero that resembled an equivalent side of the same coin. The film goes into an exhilarating experience followed by Prithviraj's introduction where a series of debatable issues have been addressed with an eccentric overview.

3) BGM and Dialogue

Jakes Bejoy is a name that takes the whole module to a big win where the sound department has given the needed support to uplift the dialogue delivery. It magnifies its scale to a point that needs to build and change the whole tone of the format delivering one of the best experiences equal to his previous films. The second half of the film follows much-needed quality attention with a crisp and striking dialogue delivery by the actor making it look like a grand spectacle to be witnessed.

4) Content formation

One of the main criteria that makes this movie strike higher grounds is its content formulation with a thrilling base making it look seamless and efficient. However, the only scene that went a bit overboard and speedy was the climax which was okay to digest but doesn't create the needed impact which the writer anticipated. A two-hour entertainment-featured film that's worthy enough to target the current degraded media, politics, women's safety, judiciary, economic privilege rights commission, mental health, and much more with a slight error in building up the character base that won't be much of an issue.

Do let me know in the comments what you think about this movie. Till then peace, love, and prosperity to all.