Gold movie 2022 review: A survival thriller where a person's character gets questioned based on many elements.

Gold movie 2022 review: A survival thriller where a person's character gets questioned based on many elements.

Plot Synopsis

The story 'Gold' highlights the character of a mysterious person who moves from the West to conquer his lifetime opportunity in an unknown place called "Compound" with no single intuition of what the place is about, followed by the challenges directed to his inner greed, desire, and temptation solely for attaining a valuable price where no concern of life or death has been taken into account which leads the character to fail miserably, pointing out a question whether the sacrifice was still worthy in attaining the addressed price.

1) Story-telling

The whole plot of this movie has been shot in a visualization format with a combination of many elements such as fear, illusion, survival, domination, and much more. A very few dialogue delivery makes this movie one of the best visual treats to the audience. The movie follows a slow and detailed approach with an extension of understanding the struggle and pain each individual goes through in achieving something important in their life, where some do get lost in the process while trying to find the meaning of life.

2) Technical Aspect

The movie portrays, a vivid range of emotional imbalance when the character strives to be strong in the wilderness followed by some striking pointers from background noise to its final output making the technical aspect a dominating part throughout the film. The film has been showcased in such a manner where the existence of survival stood similar in terms of animals and humans where they strike their beings to reach the top.

3) Performance

The focus of this movie has been primarily focused on 'Zac Efron' with this rugged and unique look with a very versatile performance which should be looked forward to. The movie was shot in a very brutal manner where the actor's performance combined with the technical point stood as an absolute masterpiece followed by the simplicity of the role that has to be defined in a very profound manner.

4) Theatrical experience

The movie stands amazing when you watch it on a big screen where the background music and the cinematography have been enhanced to reach a whole new level. The vibration and the sound effects from the movie had my feet shaking and some breathtaking moments followed by audio delivery which is something the whole crew of the movie deserves its credibility.


I would recommend you guys to watch this movie in theatres if you are up for some quality experience.

Do let me know in the comments what you think about this movie. Till then peace, love, and prosperity to all.