Gehraiyaan movie review: A simplistic view of a skeptical relationship with a balance of morality validating each character.

Gehraiyaan movie review: A simplistic view of a skeptical relationship with a balance of morality validating each character.

Plot Synopsis

A woman where her six years of an ongoing relationship hit a roadblock, where communication insecurities and financial problems played the major factor. Further down the plot, the character meets with her cousin and boyfriend where she is confronted to experience her past traumatic childhood, leading the story to peel different layers of conflicting relationships in addition to infidelity and dark secrets leading the story to a manipulative conclusion.

The Good Aspects

1) A Sensitive Visual Treat

The movie holds a clear sense of adaptation in holding a certain longingness with the characters, where every set of emotional relationships ranging from love, lust, anger, anxiety, vulnerability, openness has been beautifully captured. The movie aspires to set a balance with the drama element where no overemphasis has been delivered to look it more like the current ongoing Bollywood movies, which is something worth appreciating. The film captures in setting the right mood through many beautiful background shots where the use of color emphasis has played a major role in signifying the changing circumstances.

2) The Musical Representation

The musical thought process of this movie is so soothing for the viewer's attention where no flashy dance or song from a commercial standpoint has been presented, which makes it one of the best aspects of the movie. The movie holds a very limited number of songs that have been placed at core scenarios for conveying its own story-telling and building emotions, where the background score managed to highlight the chemistry between the actors.

3) Character Performance

The two main top-notch experienced performances from my standpoint would be "Deepika Padukone" and "Naseeruddin Shah". Deepika has managed to deliver a wholesome experience highly during the concluding section, as the movie mostly revolved around her past and present scenarios with a role highly intimidating and crucial from an overall perspective making it one of her best performances of all time. The movie only provides very little screen time to actor Naseeruddin Shah but still, he manages to stir people's minds just by pure emotion, wherein there are scenes where just his pure expression can convey the right note to the audience creating a brilliant impact.

Bad Aspects

1) Character Definition

As the movie highly focused on its overall concept and its plot enhancement I felt like some characters didn't get to establish their true meaning which can be seen in place of "Karan" and "Tina" played by "Dhairya Karwa" "Ananya Pandey". These characters' role was seen to be quite off during the film which made me harder to empathize with their emotional presence at the later stage.

2) The Finale twist

The movie did manage to pull off the actor's brilliance during the climax but the sudden shift in the genre with its ongoing transition made me quite unlikeable. It moreover, felt like a huge concept that was actually compiled into a short format with a focus on creating a twist that would exceed the viewer's expectation but was not right up to the mark.


Overall, the movie is one of the exceptional kind to be coming out from Bollywood after a long time and does deserve to be commended by the viewers to further lookout for such eccentric films.

Do let me know in the comments what you think about this movie. Till then peace, love, and prosperity to all.