"Don't look up" movie review: A satirical attitude of humans towards an upcoming crisis which leads to disaster.

"Don't look up" movie review: A satirical attitude of humans towards an upcoming crisis which leads to disaster.

Plot Summary

The story talks about two beginner-level astronomers who discovered an approaching comet heading straight towards the planet Earth with the power to destroy mankind which ultimately leads them to a giant media tour to warn the rest of the humans where many critics concerning their class have been pointed out within the whole storytelling.


1) Cast

The movie has an amazing starting cast ranging from Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, and many more. It is one of the highlights where every single actor has given their best to keep the audience entertained followed by Ariana's parody song which definitely can be claimed as the cherry on the cake. Moreover, the cameo performance put forth by Chris Evans was highly surprising enough to be recognized with his French beard look also there is a pre-credit scene in the movie that kind of doesn't make sense but still, you guys can look forward to it.

2) Storyline

It made me wonder during the whole movie that this is exactly how people would react and respond when they classify the term crisis with their reasons subjected to it, where a basic understanding of information is disregarded using a fun approach. The current trending topics of climate change, pandemics, natural calamities and much more can be considered into account when you watch such a movie. The movie does point to such issues which, to be honest, is something that needs to be shared and understood as a viewer with a mentality that it is a true story that will happen in the near future.

3) Technical Aspect

There are many pointers with this movie that need to be appreciated and addressed starting with the graphics and editing that make it a wholesome experience in addressing the issue with a barrier for misdirection and going off-topic. The movie also highlights many small details in identifying the reasons for humankind's downfall while emphasizing the political agendas and corrupt behaviors to call their shots. It is also a perfect movie to resonate with and understand the growing concern of current society profoundly.

Overall, it's a pretty solid film to watch on Netflix also do share it with your friends and family. If you have watched this movie already do write down in the comments what you think about it. Till then peace, love, and prosperity to all.