Churuli movie review: A complex and eccentric storytelling.

Churuli movie review: A complex and eccentric storytelling.

'Lijo Jose Pellissery' an established director from Malayalam Film Industry (Mollywood) who is known to bring chaos with his artistry by creating movies such as "Angamaly Diaries" known for 11 min long take with raw fight scenes, "Ee.Ma.Yau" focusing on tragedy after death and "Jallikattu" a film which has represented India's entry to the Oscars. The latest film "Churuli" released on Sony liv has been named after a village which talks about the mysteries that keep unfolding one after the other creating an utmost experience for the audience.

The movie "Churuli" revolves around two undercover police officers Shajivan (Vinay Forrt) and Antony (Chemban Vinod Jose) who goes in search of a mysterious wanted criminal named Mayiladumparambil Joy who is presumably residing in the dense forest of Churuli. During their journey, the officers encountered the locals of Churuli who were kind and gentle however, it takes a quick turn once they cross the bridge to Churuli where the locals expressed their feelings through excessive swearing and violence. Once reaching the village, the officers who had the characters of being ethical and honesty towards their work slowly began to change and started acting as one of the fellow residents of the village. It can be seen where Antony and Shajivan were enjoying the hospitality which the village provided from eating wild meat to drinking arrack, also lack of contact from the outside world made the village to be considered as a paradise where any unethical or violent actions are subject to rest within the village. This was slowly embedded into the minds of the officers where a series of animal hunting, child abuse, and killing took place at the hands of the officers. Finally, when the officer's true identity was revealed by the locals, the officers had no choice but to take final action in capturing the criminal using any means necessary which was an immense success to them but transporting him outside Churuli was the main task where many people who have come before loses their way and their own-self during the pursuit.

Highlights of the movie stand out in its beautiful cinematography done by 'Madhu Neelakandan' showing some beautiful natural shots from the high range of Kerala, a perfect detailing in regards with emotion and character-building transitioning from one shot to another finally beautifully capturing the chaos that happens within the village. The other technical aspect of the movie would be the sound design mastered by 'Renganaath Ravee' stood outstanding by bringing out even the slightest detail which holds the audience astonished and make you feel like you are a part of that community where such emotions are considered to be unreal and can make you wonder how can art be so trippy enough but be so good that you can't just stop thinking about it. To talk about the downside of this movie, can be the harsh language used throughout which for some audiences can be a bit upsetting which is the reason the film has been considered as a trigger warning but after watching the whole movie it can be clearly understood that this is how the director wanted to portray the village of Churuli by bringing out the darker psychotic side of humans. The second downside which can be said would be in the second half of the movie where imagery and illusions have been given importance which probably can divide audiences based on their own analogies.

To conclude, after watching the whole movie I really wished it should have been released in theatres where the true purpose of the film could have been captured to the fullest same as Lijo Jose's previous movies. Finally, just a short message to the audience who will be watching or who have watched this movie is to watch with an open heart, not everything needs to be understandable and concluded on a positive note a bit of imagination and the creative process which the artist has put forth in the movie can also be considered as entertainment one which you would remember for a lifetime.

Do let me know in the comments what you think about this movie. Till then peace, love, and prosperity to all.