'Soorarai Pottru' The Best Feature Film titled for the 68th National Film Awards 2022.

'Soorarai Pottru' The Best Feature Film titled for the 68th National Film Awards 2022.

Plot Synopsis

Inspired by a true incident of the origin of Deccan Airlines. The film draws many tragic to factual spaces, where a dream of building a low-cost travel Aviation Industry was considered to be one of the goals of the Retired Captain G. R. Gopinath from the Indian Army.

1) Process of a Biopic

A Biopic that gave me the needed attention to value its simplicity and earnestness in classifying into an inspirational overview of a beautiful cinema that has been given the title of Best Feature Film. Very few biopics classify to make an impact on the minds of the people, where you feel a whole lot of emotions undergoing within a certain time frame that gets you teary eyes during the whole film. It also nurtures the value of understanding empowerment through dreams, relationships, downfall, setbacks, and modesty which truly dictates the title handed out to the film, for the 68th National Awards 2022.

2) Performance

Nothing dominates more than putting a quality performance to convey many detailed emotions that expand its scale to a greater height, from heart-wrenching moments to inspiration followed by the moment of enlightening the road to victory is something that needs to be watched. Furthermore, the performance that stood out the most and got me weeping for a brief moment was the time when the context focused on the term relationships where Urvashi's performance was something that stood in my mind during and after the film.

3) Music

Just a simple task for whoever's reading this article, just stop for a brief moment and head to YouTube to watch the video format of the song 'Kayilae Aagasam'. I really don't want to exaggerate, but as a climax song, it's really soothing to watch the innocence in the villager's eyes where the kid within them has been brought back to life, where dreams and ambitions are meant to be boundless. It shows the beauty of pain that comes with its glory when one beats all odds and rises to stand at its peak, something that is blissful and magical as a fairy tale.

Finally, go watch this movie if you haven't, I mean there has to be some reason why this film made it as the 'Best Feature film' for the '68th National Film Awards'. Also, do let me know in the comments what you think about this movie. Till then peace, love, and prosperity to all.