Bhoothakaalam movie review: A steady motion of decoding the horror content seamlessly.

Bhoothakaalam movie review: A steady motion of decoding the horror content seamlessly.

Plot Synopsis

The movie dives into the life of a middle-class family boy who has completed his D Pharm graduation studies and is on the lookout for a job to support his family during the ongoing financial crisis. The movie slowly adapts to the psychological and emotional aspects followed by the death of his grandmother making him vulnerable to an unknown existence who has been residing in their home causing a mental breakdown where he is being subconsciously targeted by his close relatives with a spectrum of uncovering the real predator.

1) The Script

As the title of this blog highlights to be horror focused, however, the actual movie has a lot more to convey when it comes to its storytelling where the character's day-to-day life has been presented in such a  way that you can experience the reality of the striving youth with an essence of failure, family issues, relationship, the mindset of society and much more. It has a perfect blend in its making where the story stands to be stereotypical but the total output is more value and quality-focused.

2) Performance

One of the main reasons I like to watch movies from Mollywood is its dominating performance where every character tries to challenge their artistic skills, which are brilliant to witness when it comes to its making. This movie also stands special not because of its horror/psychological content but because it tries to fill the gap of many mixtures of added elements with a very limited outstanding cast performance.

3) Technical aspect

The movie doesn't showcase any major attraction with its technical viewpoint, but it captures the right emotions with a very simplified format. If you segregate each section of the movie, starting from the script to its sound design, cinematography, and editing aspect, every element has been focused with a caliber in building the right mood with ongoing character development that is something special worth experiencing.


I would say this movie is not some exceptional horror storytelling that you haven't even watched to date but it's a movie where you can experience different shades of a character transcending from one frame to another delivering content highly focused on their performance and technical side.

Do let me know in the comments what you think about this movie. Till then peace, love, and prosperity to all.