Ajagajantharam movie review: A senseless feast of raw action-packed performance with a focus on instinctive survival.

Ajagajantharam movie review: A senseless feast of raw action-packed performance with a focus on instinctive survival.

Plot Synopsis

A total mayhem bursts out between the villagers and the outsiders involving an elephant that creates ultimate chaos during the annual temple festival. A sense of fear and rage has been encapsulated when two sets of egos clash with each other, depicting the ultimate survival from the place.

The Good Aspects

1) Crowd Interaction

One of the most beautiful yet stays as nostalgic parts of the movie is the annual festival, where different sets of crowd interaction have been presented. It ranges from the drama troupe, chenda melam, wedding scenes, elephants purely classifying the crowd's engagement and framework. It does take you back to those times when thousands of people come together to celebrate such a prominent festival and managing to build the chaos and excitement within it is something worth watching.

2) Camera Work

If you want a pure street fight of a bunch of people with no emphasis on making it look glamorous or artificial, this movie holds that straight to its core with an additional element of highlighting the elephant's character giving you a wholesome experience. The Cinematography done by "Jinto George" for this movie has done a splendid job with the action scenes, channelizing the mood and anger simply through eyes followed by some slow shots makes it a high-level experience.

3) Character Analysis

"Tinu Pappachan" the director of this film has classified this movie in such a way that you won't be able to distinguish the lead performer actors. Every single person has been given a role-specific to their caliber and performance that rivals their previous on-screen presence. The movie attains to focus on the character's negative shade and violence but still manages to hold a U/A certificate making it a dominating factor.

4) Sound Department

The whole sound engineering and music department has done an amazing job with their artwork. It has helped the movie to hold the tension in the minds of the viewers if you watch it in a Dolby atmosphere. Their presence is highly felt during the fight scenes where every single punch has been enhanced for a quality experience.

5) Senseless Fight

The movie doesn't have any elements of drama or story it's all just focused on men and their egoistic mindset where their dominance and masculinity have been showcased. The movie doesn't hold any female characters to look up to which can be said as one of the bad aspects, but the maker has already classified what the movie is and how it's going to end right from the start making it one of the good aspect.


Overall, it's a movie that's all about men, egos, dominance, fight, survival that has been enhanced on a higher scale for a duration of 2-hours in a quality format.

Do let me know in the comments what you think about this movie. Till then peace, love, and prosperity to all.