Aaha movie review: Tribute to Kerala's finest tug-of-war team.

Aaha movie review: Tribute to Kerala's finest tug-of-war team.


A Genre focused on the sports drama that revolves around Vadam Vali (tug of war) inspired by the true story of the prominent "Aha Neeloor" team during the late 80s and 90s. A team that stood on top of their game for about 15 years with a record of 72 wins out of the total 73 games which still rules as the undefeated of all time. This film initially talks about the "Aha Neeloor" team and their dominance in the game reigning through people's hearts, followed by some setbacks that make the team lose their prominence. However, their same history has been carried forward by some youngsters who lead to glory with the help of Indrajith (a retired former leading member of team Aha Neeloor).

The Good and Bad Aspects of the Film

Good aspects

1. Amazing star cast.

The cast that has been put forth in this film should be highly appreciated, Indrajith took most of the limelight by delivering a performance worthy enough for the appraisal followed by 'Amith Chakalakkal', 'Ashwin Kumar' and 'Manoj K. Jayan'. The director "Bibin Paul Samuel" managed to capture even the smallest insights of each character promising a raw output that the audience can connect from a general perspective also, the potential of each actor can be easily explored through such a perfect sense of direction and storytelling making this point its biggest highlight.

2. A perfect drama and sports combo.

It's highly unlikely that a movie concentrated on sports manages to capture each character's dramatic side, bringing out the human emotions towards sports, society, individuals, nature, community, and much more. The film promotes many empowering messages and dialogues that can boost public morale and relationships between two communities Malayali and Bengalis on a higher scale. Moreover,  a projection of immense emotion and character development holds the biggest key to the whole plot.

Bad aspects

A predictable storyline

The storyline is a downfall for certain viewers in terms of its predictable nature. The movie is directed for entertainment and also promotes the sport to a wider audience. However, it cannot be addressed as a major issue when the movie itself is a tribute to the finest team that has dominated the game for a long period.

To conclude,

A must-watch movie delivering empowering entertainment, which is a necessity cause not many know about this sport and how inspiring it becomes when two teams come forward to deliver their best performance for a few minutes and the excitement it holds. It is also a sport that has been celebrated so casually in the south side but holds a higher purpose in winning a war within.

Do let me know in the comments what you think about this movie. Till then peace, love, and prosperity to all.