10 Reasons why Demon Slayer has been called a work of art.

10 Reasons why Demon Slayer has been called a work of art.

Kimetsu no Yaiba also known as Demon Slayer one of the most renowned Animated series that crossed every barrier in classifying as 'THE BEST' with its official release in the year 2019, carrying a title that defines its absolute classic artistry needs to be discussed with no further wait (The right order to watch Demon Slayer).


No Two Demons Are Alike

The series promises to identify several kinds of demons who have their own reasons to act superior toward mankind, with a special spell called the "Blood Demon Art". This power gives rise to supernatural abilities within oneself where every demon has been charted among their individual rankings. Its also called the Twelve Kizuki, divided into two groups the upper and the lower ranks where the top six have been placed with those segments. It has been stated that the Upper Ranks have maintained their position for more than 100 years, whereas the Lower Ranks have been replaced countless times over the period which gives rise to dislikes among themselves.


Humor supports the side characters

There are places where the content tries to ease its pressure and build a comical view of the character's persona. This helps the character connect with the viewers and build an understanding that helps reciprocate their actions. I still remember the scene where Zenitsu first meets Nezuko where the character blows in excitement, rage, and unfairness simply identifying as a heterosocial person. Whereas, Inosuke acts as a blockhead who thinks he is the King of the Mountains simply to act as the dominating one among the group, where he did dropped his character at a certain point which showed a side that was stored deep within him.


Misuse of one's Vulnerability

Every Demon who has been encountered within the series draws out their past human side during their final moments where the whole play in drawing their vulnerabilities was classified. It tries to convey the demon's perspective of being a human and what pushed them to lash out their hate towards the community. This scene always has a reciprocal understanding with the real world which many viewers can relate to and have compassion even towards the demons where the circumstance was too harsh for them to handle the pain, but never the less it also educates us to be strong mentally to deal with those situations.


Bundle of Mysteries

For the animation to progress further a build of mystery is essential for the viewers to keep anticipating the series. With this, a collection of quality past references is essential to build up the understanding. This helps Demon Slayer to build the actual hype for every upcoming series. It's a classic and a cliche thought process but don't let that fool you with what it holds as the content.


Character Build-up

The Characters in Demon Slayer have a promising impression to give a lasting effect once you progress with the season. It maintains a steady balance in bringing new characters to the frame which correlates to the tension and the sound design that pushes the overall intensity. This drives the series to hold a memorable piece for the fans to support their favorite character.


Art of Perfection

Demon-Slayer is one of the few series where a drive for perfection was defined at its best. It has a stage of many transcending layers be it characters, dress, location, skills, visuals, sound, or content everything has been maxed up to its limit. The fight scene is absolutely intense and versatile giving you a rush of adrenaline, where a single snippet can get you to watch the whole anime.


Muzan Kibutsuji (The Demon King)

The first of its kind that has come into existence a millennium ago with little to no idea of what kind of power holds him as the greatest demon. Muzan Kibutsuji is a man known for his egocentric actions who loathes the lower demons who are not powerful enough to dispose of Hashira aka The Demon Hunters. No wonder how there is only a single most powerful character throughout the series where the probability of his fanbase is also equal to his rankings.


The Hashira's

The top nine figures of the Demon Slayers, who have gone through an intense battle of training where they have acquired phenomenal skills that are far more dominating and have defied death itself called The Hashira's. But even though the Hashira's has conceived the skills their powers were seen to be too short when disposing of the top sixth demon of the upper class. This gives a simple overview that season three is going to be more insane and wild where we might be seeing some final moments of the Hashira's or the Kizuki class.


The Visuals

The animation is extensively visual-centric with a focus on bringing quality output where every scene has a blend of real-to-fiction material with a plot of dark fantasy. It takes you into a dreamy space where you add numerous colors to make it look appealing where every format delivers a visual beauty that captures the content more extensively. No matter how hard you look, the content tries to deliver the dark as well as the pure side in a balanced manner, where the evil is just a transition of despair in which hope was never an option for them to rely upon.


Nezuko Kamado

Every single viewer who has watched the animation to date never fails to think about Nezuko who was once a human and by unforeseen circumstances turned into a demon, but her senses still manage to be compassionate toward other humans. As the animation progressed, her powers kept evolving to a point where even Muzan Kibutsuji never saw it coming. The series did begin with her transformation and I definitely believe it's simultaneously going to end with her.

I guess the third season is about to drop within this year, so let's just wait and see what the creator has left for us in store (The right order to watch Demon Slayer).

Do write down in the comments what you think about this Anime. Till then peace, love, and prosperity to all.